Some time ago Russell Marks wrote to me with some questions about the Compo.

I've answered him but actually his questions were more than resonable ;) so I put them (and the answers) here as a kind of FAQ. ;)



Q: Is any form of hi-res graphics allowed? It sounds like it isn't, but
it would be good to make this clearer I think.


Well, officially we decided there will be no hi-res.
BUT - if people will send any hi-res pictures - then we put it in a sub-part of the Compo.
And then there will be 2 categories - standard & hi-res.
That's why we haven't wrote that hi-res wasn't allowed. It IS - kind of. ;)
If You send some hires stuff and convince some friends to do more pictures in this format -
then there will be separated category.
Although I'm not sure which emul allows to display hires stuff (of course all pics will be
available in *.p + "*.p to WAV" convertor but we would like to add also screenshots and
therefore some good emulator is still required).



Q: Does the picture have to be printed by Basic? Could it be put on the
screen with machine-code instead?


We assumed that the easiest way is to draw in basic. But we ment real drawings, not converts
(some progs allow do do that, as I noticed on the Net). But final answer for Your question is:
Yes, the picture can be put on the screen with machine-code instead of Basic.
We simply want the compo to take a place at all, that's why we will accept not only Basic
stuff. It was rather like a hint, not any injunction.



Q: You say the picture doesn't have to all be on one line, but is it
acceptable to have each screen line on a separate line of Basic? (I
find this easiest to handle.)


In this case everything is allowed. Main idea is: to make whole matter the most easy to
authors. Do what You like the most. Although... THAT You could understand in naughty way. ;) ;) ;)


Q: In Basic you can't print on the bottom two lines of the screen, does
that mean they can't be used?


They can be used if You know how to use them. :) For instance - my pic will be WITHOUT them. :)
But Yours - can have them. Just use the method You like.



Q: Can entries be based on pre-existing photos, cartoons, etc., as long
as the actual drawing is my own work?


Yes, of course.
As for converts, we trust authors and we hope everybody will make their pics by own hands.
That's an official statement.
ZX81 has great graphic possibilities ( ) but... well, we're not the Amiga
scene, so every good picture is welcomed.



Q: Can I enter more than one picture?

Yes, we will be happy to get it. :)


Q: If I sent an entry now, could I "update" it later?

You can update them until they're published on the Net. I suppose it's fair.